iPhone Repair

Screen Replacement Prices

Most repairs are done within 1 hour

ModelNon-OEM (most popular)*OEM Screen
 iPhone 5/C/S/SE£40 £60**
iPhone 6£50 £75**
iPhone 6 Plus£55£105**
iPhone 6S£55£85**
iPhone 6S Plus£60£105**
iPhone 7£70£120**
iPhone 7 Plus£70£140**
iPhone 8£80£130**
iPhone 8 Plus£80£155**
iPhone X£245**£370**


*For details on OEM please click here
**Low or limited stock – pre-order may be required.

For all other iPhone repair prices such as batteries and charging ports find your model below and click more details. If the repair you want isn’t listed please contact us via live chat or call us.

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